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I can not describe with words, my appreciation for Ann and her assistance with Reiki and angel card readings! I have had 3 reiki sessions and 2 psychic medium readings & angel card readings and I have received an incredible amount of knowledge about myself, about my spiritual guides, my energy and even messeges from beloved ones that are no longer with us. My chakras are opening so much faster than ever and I’m even starting to develop abilities I didn’t even think I could have. Ann won’t put limits on helping as much as she’s allowed! I look forward to learn from you and to have more sessions with you!!! Thank you Ann! Working with angels has definitely turned you into one! Love and light! --Monica

My deceased father came through and encouraged me to take one step at a time. My dad also brought up “games” which didn’t mean anything at first, but then it dawned on me how from a child to an adult, we played cards all of the time. He wanted me to remember the good times we had together. Ann also brought up that I have a gift but did not know what it was. I didn’t believe it until after the session. When I was a teenager, I could interpret dreams from the dead and I could see people when no one else could. I’ve never shared that with anyone. I left feeling hopeful and grateful and I look forward to my next reading! --Tiffany

Ann did a distant-Reiki session for me, when I was feeling a bit off balance. I could actually tell when she was clearing blocked energy in my upper digestive region. I felt much lighter and able to continue with the commitment I'd made for the day. Thank you Ann. I look forward to many future sessions with you. Have a God Bless Day. --Connie

My experience with my Angel Card Reading was right on-target and/or on-spot with my life (for example: with my integrity, self-respect and visualizing my success in the journey I am on now). During my Psychic Reading, she had told me there was a strong Angelic presence amongst us, which was surrounding me on my right side. I can go on... Angels do exist. Stay positive no matter what your situation is like.--Michelle

I had floaters in my left eye that were quite disturbing. Ann did Reiki on me to treat the eye. Within a few days, I noticed the floaters dissipating and clearing up. --Len